Top 10 Free WordPress Themes 2013

Out of all the websites on the world wide world wide web, about 34 percent of them utilize a content management scheme (CMS). From those 34 per hundred, more than half use WordPress, 58.5 percent to be accurate. The ease of use and developer support has rushed WordPress to the top of the commerce. Other CMS like Joomla and Drupal have lost a lot of market share as WordPress has become more and more well liked.

If you’re looking for a colorful, yet up to date looking WordPress theme, then Duena might be the response. Duena is another theme that uses Twitter Bootstrap structure to command the layout of the sheets. whereas Duena is pretty easy, it also has a sense of depth due to its blazing and gradient-filled background.


SuevaFree is a responsive theme that presents content in tiles alike to Pinterest. Tiles are evolving more popular in web conceive and part of it is because they allow content to be precisely coordinated. whereas you could likely use SuevaFree for multiple purposes, it would best fit a blog website where each post would be a tile on the homepage.


Terrifico is a completely responsive blogging theme that arrives with an sophisticated admin section for easy customizations. It was conceived and coded to gaze large on any apparatus and any screen size. possibly the most outstanding thing about Terrifico is that it just examines like a premium theme. Everything appears to have been considered of and widgets combine routinely inside the theme.


You will be shocked to glimpse that this magazine-style theme is really free! It is constructed with the newest coding standards utilising HTML5 and CSS3 and has support for BuddyPress, BBPress, and WooCommerce. It furthermore gives you the ability to color-code classes as well as use more than 600 webfonts from Google.


zeeDynamic is a responsive magazine-style theme that locations heavy focus on an article’s imagery. If your website or blog notifies its article primarily through imagery, then you should give zeeDynamic a try. The theme was coded so that it examines and works well on partitions of all sizes.


zAlive is a completely responsive and feature-packed theme that’s very versatile and multi-purpose. The major theme colors are green and very dark; although, those can easily be adjusted with CSS. Some of its key characteristics include a slider and built-in advertisement positions.


This is a WordPress theme unlike any other you’ve seen before (at smallest free ones!). It allows you to completely customize the way your website examines with sliders, layouts, featured blocks on the homepage, and much more. Customizr was built with Twitter Bootstrap structure so there are even more options when it arrives to customization’s.


founded on its title, you would probably think that Corpo is a business theme, and you’d be right! It is a very easy, yet clean and expert theme. It includes a slider on the homepage, various made-to-order widgets, and two list positions. Like numerous of the themes showcased in this item, Corpo is a flat design theme.


Attitude is another simple and expert WordPress theme. It is furthermore retina-ready which means it examines good even on high-DPI resolution apparatus such as smartphones and tablets. It has a myriad of choices to select from so you won’t be bored from customizing this theme, that’s for sure.


MultiPurpose is a theme that does its title fairness. It is a multi-purpose theme that has numerous uses but it would best fit as a corporate website for your business. This theme was also built on Twitter Bootstrap structure. In case you don’t understand what that is, you should read up on it.

As you can notify, all 10 of these WordPress themes were conceived very well and we should be thankful to the generous WordPress community for releasing all of these wonderful creations for free. As I cited above, any one of these themes could have been traded and most likely successful even if not free.

If you like any of these themes and use it for financial reasons, I would suggest showing your support by sending a donation to the designer of that exact theme.

What’s your very popular free WordPress theme? Tell us in the comments

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