Build a World-Wide Audience by Creating Striking Wordpress Favicon

Wordpress favicon is one of the most important elements and it is used utmost by all the Wordpress developers. The professionals must be very well aware of creating and installing a favicon to their website, but the newbie might not be aware. Before, getting started with creating favicon, it is important to know that a favicon is a tiny image which is displayed right before a website URL within the search box of web browser. Usually, it appears at the left of the website and is in the browser’s bookmarks and favorite lists.

What leverages are offered by a Favicon?
It not only gives a professional look to a website, but it also provides an ease to the viewers to easily recognize a website in the long list of bookmarks. It is very easy to create a favicon and adding it to third party hosted Wordpress blogs.

Get started with favicon creation:
Create your own Favicon:
You can develop by employing any graphic and image editing software also including GIMP, but always mind that the software must allow .ico files. There is a plethora of online services which allow crafting a favicon for free of cost. There are a few pretty small things that must always be considered such as the image has to be clear and the favicon must match the blog’s image.

Upload Favicon to Blog/Website host:
Once you are done with Favicon creation, you need to foolw it by uploading it directly to the root directory of the Wordpress blog. You can also upload using FTP or by logging in to the hostage account. Just redirect to the root directory and upload it. There is one more thing to be considered that the file must be accessible at your website name.

Inserting code to Blog’s theme:
Once you have uploaded the favicon to the right location, you just have to log in to Wordpress account and navigate to the theme’s editor. Search for header.php file within the list of themes placed on the right of the screen and tap on it. The editor box will reflect the file code of header.php.

Top Wordpress plugins for favicon:

All in One Favicon:
With this plug-in, the users can either use favicons that have been already uploaded or they can also upload a new favicon directly to the Wordpress installation using in-built upload mechanism so as to add favicon to their website and admin pages. This plugin is flexible to support 3 types of favicons including .gif, .png and .ico that also include animated images. Apple Touch icons are also compatible with this plug-in. Thus, you can enjoy Custom Wordpress Development with such easy plug-ins.

Shockingly Simple Favicon:
This plugin will change the favicon of Wordpress blog without making users to edit the themes. A wordpress icon will also be introduced within the administration interface which makes it easy to find a tab within a browser. Luckily, those are not code-savvy, for them, all the changes have been already fixed so, you do not have to go back and tailor them with the change in blog’s theme.

Favicon Generator:
Providing support to .png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images, favicon generator will allow the user to upload an image. It will automatically, change that image into a unique favicon. Thus, creating favicon with this plug-in is a piece of cake.

Thus, with all such options, you can create a favicon which can provide a brand icon to your company. So, being a wordpress developer better choose the professional and best favicon while developing.


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