What Drives Webmasters Towards Drupal

There is a deluge of content management systems out there in the market, and there has been a growing increase in the number of folks who do not want to be content with anything less than the best. As and when we bring the ‘top quality’ factor up in CMS, the name Drupal springs up. For a host of high-end capabilities it lends users with, Drupal has emerged as one of the top billed platforms for developing a website.

Here is why you hear webmasters raving about Drupal:

1 -Managing Drupal CMS Development primarily means managing the website aspects like content, visual elements, the overall architecture of website and the configuration elements. A Drupal site makes managing each of these a seamless exercise, and one which does not need an expert knowledge. If you have the right of admin panel, managing configuration is no difficult task.

2 -Drupal also gives you the capability to create multiple users for the blog. For each user, the permissions can be set accordingly. You can make some admin, some editors, authors, or just subscribers. Based on their role, they are handed over some control over your blog.

3 -The Drupal module also more than 70 languages. This is one of the most popular features, as you can cater to audiences of different nationalities by writing content in their respective languages.

4 -The integration with jQuery and jQuery UI has always been said to offer amazing benefits to the website owners as it makes their website highly accessible. The redundant complexity levels are also eliminated, and with Drupal, this integration takes perfect shape.

5 -The Drupal script covers all the grey areas in website building with its multitude modules that serve several processes to enhance functionalities.

6 -A Drupal developer with a penchant for complete control over each facet of their website isn’t disappointed as Drupal offers a big room for customization. They can edit content, create their own lists and even pack their website with eCommerce features.

7 -The social networking modules work in great tandem with the overall layout of Drupal websites. All the most important and popular plugins like Facebook, Twitter and the ShareThis module (which includes just about every social media through the plugin) can be embedded on the website and thus take your website to different corners of the web-verse.

8 -The dashboard in Druapl 7 websites can be personalized to a great extent. You can add multiple widgets to the sidebar by just dragging and dropping them at the desired location.

9 -The graphics management aspect of Drupal also leaps. The platform allows editing of several design elements in the website. Each page of the site has preset configuration.

10 -The relevance of plugins for any website cannot be enough emphasized upon, and Drupal gives you access to a whole lot of plugins that can let you harvest maximum functionalities. Also, being an open source platform, you can create your own plugins and add them accordingly.

11 -The API support perches Drupal far far ahead of the other popular CMSes.Some of the APIs it supports include Salesforce Drupal API, YouTube Drupal API.
Google Apps API, AdSense Drupal API, and Mailchimp Drupal API among others.

12 -The Drupal 7 powers the traffic coming from the search engines as it has great SEO features. The in-built tags are specially designed to be easily crawl-able by the search engines.

13 -Well, we probably should have started with this: Drupal is free. Unlike other CMS which come with all sorts of hidden costs, Drupal CMS doesn’t charge you a penny

With so many incentives to choosing Drupal over other CMS, it shouldn’t be a tough decision to zero in on Drupal for your website.


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